Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Incidental Wandering

In January of 2005, I made one of the first new year's resolutions that I genuinely intended to keep. Understand, I don't keep a journal. In over ten years at the attempt, I had penned perhaps fifteen pages. So, in order to present some semblance of myself to my posterity, I came up with an ingenious plan -- to use my newspaper as a journal. I would write a weekly column about whatever odd thought happened to strike my fancy and someday present it to my children as a legacy of sorts. Problem is...I quit the newspaper exactly four months later.

The following is my final column for the Spanish Fork Press, the community paper that I had run for nigh on three years:

The closing of a chapter...

Marley was dead: to begin with.
Last Tuesday night, I was privileged and honored to accept the Business of the Year award by the Chamber of Commerce for the Spanish Fork Press.
Working for the Press has been an honor. It has afforded me an intimacy with you and the community that many will never know nor understand. I have been a participant in the birth of your children and the subsequent celebrations as they grow. I have seen them learn and serve one another in the schools, and mature and serve the community and country. Through missions, weddings and even death, you have bestowed upon me a great gift -- that of your lives.

A great verity in life is that things change. As of this week, I will no longer be the editor and manager of the Spanish Fork Press. I have been reassigned by my company. So, yes -- things change. But remember, some things don't.
I have had the opportunity to work with many remarkable people. And simply because I can, I would like to say thanks and farewell to my co-workers and friends.
Pam Mendenhall - you are truly my Laughing Aunt
Kirk Parkinson - may the water be flat and the trout always bite
Janis Nielsen - my political sparring partner, even though you know I'm right, er...left.
Candi Higley - the food truly was delicious
Debbie Chandler - you're in my heart
Namon Bills - never be that man you could have been but never was
Jenn Tullis - you're the little sister I never wanted
Heather Brush - all you need is a guitar, three chords and the truth
Jessica Ellsworth - ad astra
Mark Henline - Aargh! What a cute little pirate you are
There is always danger in thanking people, for inevitably you run the risk of offending those forgotten. If in my excitement, I forget, please know that you are still invited.

Since that time, I've written a few more things and had a few more random thoughts, or incidental wanderings, as I like to call them. This blog is just that. A journal to capture my wanderings. Some will be old. Others new. Regardless, I'd like to share them with you. Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Steve I hope to hear from you again soon.